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Came across couple threads on here about people discussing SL hunting Market Makers and quite a few said that all this is baloney... Since its Friday and I just finished analyzing the screws ups of the week, I decided to write a short post about the matter from my experience as my PERSONAL opinion.
To begin with, Stock Trading and Options communities have a general consensus that some kind of 'shady activities' occur. It's actually almost a mainstream idea, thanks to movies like Wolf of Wallstreet and people like Musky with his 'funding secured'. Along with countless other charged and non charged insider trading individuals and entities.
I imagine I don’t have to explain the ‘crypto’ market a place where they actually run ads to join a group and then pump and dump some shitty coin.
Anyway enough of other folks, lets move on to Forex. To cut it simply, Banks have already been caught red handed collaborating in chat rooms on how to manipulate the price to their advantage. (
So this should answer your question if there WAS Market Maker who moved markets.... Yes there was and its not some conspiracy theory, they've been found, charged, fined. Its up to you to decide if this is still going on or just stopped overnight.
Do these people SL hunt your individual positions? No, but what they do is seek liquidity... Chances are, you have placed SL after your usual textbook analysis at a major support/resistance as many other retailers... Experienced Whale traders at CITI, JP etc know where you have these SL. They also know where you most likely placed your pending buy/sell with tight SL. All they have to do is drive the price enough to take out all of the above and stopped out positions will fuel their direction... Combine that with creation of some 'other pattern' and you have bunch of other people jumping on the train going same directions as the institutional trader. Job done.
Now onto the Brokers.
From my experience, there is no such thing as a good Market Maker Broker... Yes there are absolute awful unregulated ones with dealing desk where you will most likely never withdraw any profits and some not so bad ones like Oanda, Forex without a dealing desk.
Ask how Oanda, make their money... They will tell you its by spreads... Open up Oanda and check out average spreads and go to 'maximum' ... You will see some rather crazy spreads during news that if you ever traded on ECN would seem alien to you... Same goes to Rollover... Its up to you to decide if these things are just because Oanda and Gain have liquidity providers that are extremely in-flexible or.....
Lets not go far for a recent example, just open up EUUSD 1Minute chart of todays closing. ECN broker closed today at 1.6220 vs 1.6225 aka 0.5 pip spread and thats as high as the price went in last closing minutes... Spread did not jump anywhere much really - I was there to watch it.
Now lets open up Oanda chart on Tradingview... What do we see here? A spike to 1.16262 on last minute - now lets go and check Oandas maximum spread at this exact time, we find that it is exactly 6 pips.
Lets look at the chart again and think where a small time 'retail trader' that trades on small TF's would put their SL. Probably at 1.16254, 1.16282, 1.16293 area and lastly (same as me) 1.16323 area... Neither one of these would have been hit if you traded with ECN Broker... All of these with exception of last one (would be a really close call) would have been hit by Oanda or today. Again its up to you to decide if this is just because Gain and Oanda have such 'interesting' liquidity providers or a broker that makes money on spreads is... you know... making money on spreads...
So here is my 2 cents... This again is my personal opinion.
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Dealing Desk vs. No Dealing Desk Forex Brokers. Partner Center Find a Broker. Which type of broker should I choose? A dealing desk broker? Or a no dealing desk broker? That’s completely up to you! One type of broker isn’t better than the other because it will all depend on the type of trader you are. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d rather have tighter spreads but pay a ... Characteristics of a Non Dealing Desk Broker The most important feature of non dealing desk forex brokers is the fact that they offer the best bid/ask prices in the market. As they have access to various liquidity providers, they offer their clients market prices in exchange for a fee. Commissions are the main source of income for these brokers as they never hold positions of their own. The ... There are plenty of things to consider when choosing a Forex broker, but Dealing Desk vs ECN, and really spreads in general on top of it all, are not important. Once you make a decision, you will likely not notice the difference in any way. I asked my subscribers what they wanted more than anything in a great Forex broker, and it kept coming down to these 3 things… Safety; Ease of use ... Dealing with the forex broker’s own dealing desk can give rise to various conflicts of interest, which may result in price manipulation. This can be especially true during fast market moves, like when pertinent data is released, or during anticipated and/or surprise geopolitical events (e.g. the UK EU membership referendum – Brexit, where the event was anticipated, but the result was a big ... Broker Forex può offrire sia Dealing Desk o Nessun modello di esecuzione Dealing Desk. Broker che offrono un dealing desk operano anche come market maker; in genere creano la propria liquidità, impostando l’offerta e si chiedono prezzo e prendendo il lato opposto del commercio di un cliente. Broker che operano No Dealing Desk di esecuzione (NDD), piuttosto che prendere la posizione opposta ... A dealing desk Forex broker, also known as a market maker, is a broker that takes the other side of a client’s trades, by setting the bid and ask price and waiting for a trader who would like to take advantage of these set terms. Dealing desk brokers profit by buying at lower prices and selling at higher prices, and by taking advantage of the spreads between the bid and ask price. In most ... Vergleich zwischen Market Maker und Non-Dealing-Desk Broker Vergleich zwischen Market Maker und Non-Dealing-Desk Broker Market Maker Market Maker. Dealing-Desk Broker, im allgemeinen auch als Market Maker bezeichnet, stellen eigene Kurse für Währungspaare, da sie Orders nicht am Interbankenmarkt ausführen, sondern intern Käufer und Verkäufer zusammenbringen oder die Position des Kunden ... No Dealing Desk Forex Broker. No Dealing Desk brokers provide immediate access to the interbank market. Essentially the No Dealing Desk model comes from the fact that there is no human intervention when a client places a trade so everything is executed automatically. The prices you see at your trading platform are live quotes from global banks which means that the price you have when you click ... Los brokers de Forex Non Dealing Desk (NDD) ofrecen acceso directo al mercado interbancario ya que sirven de intermediarios entre los clientes y otros operadores. Un broker NDD no se convierte en la contraparte de sus clientes durante las transacciones de estos en el mercado. Directorio de brokers NDD online. Dealing Desk brokers are in a conflict of interest as a dealing desk broker also buys and sells securities for its own account as well as on behalf of the customer. There is a risk of price manipulation with Dealing Desk brokers as they may profit from changing the traders bid or ask price on a forex trade.

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Brokernomics - ¿Cuánto gana cada tipo de bróker?

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